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A Framework for the Rapid Development of List Based Domain Specific Arabic Stemmers Samhaa R. El-Beltagy and Ahmed Rafea
A Hybrid System for Automatic Arabic Diacritization Mohsen Rashwan, Mohammad Al-Badrashiny, Mohamed Attia and Sherif Abdou
A Large Arabic Broadcast News Speech Data Collection Niklas Paulsson, Khalid Choukri, Djamel Mostefa, Denise DiPersio, Meghan Glenn and Stephanie Strassel
A Multilingual Named Entities Corpus for Arabic, English and French Djamel Mostefa, Mariama Laïb, Stéphane Chaudiron, Khalid Choukri and Gaël de Chalendar
A new Approach for Online Arabic Handwriting Recognition Monji Kherallah, Lobna Haddad and Adel M. Alimi
A Statistical Method for Detecting the Arabic Empty Category Hitham M. Abo Bakr, Khaled Shaalan and Ibrahim Ziedan
A Study of Arabic Text Preprocessing Methods for Text Categorization Dina Said, Nayer Wanas, Nevin Darwish and Nadia Hegazy
Addaall Arabic Search Engine: Improving Search based on Combination of Morphological Analysis and Generation Considering Semantic Patterns Mamoun Hattab, Bassam Haddad, Mustafa Yaseen, Asem Duraidi and Abdullah Abu Shmais
An HMM System for Recognizing Articulation Features for Arabic Phones Hosam Hammady, Sherif Abdou, Mostafa Shahin, Mohsen Rashwan and Ossama Badawy
An Optimized Method For Arabic Cross Document Named Entity Normalization Khaled S. Refaat and Amgad Madkour
An RSS Feed Analysis Application and Corpus Builder Shereen Khoja
Arabic Keyphrase Extraction using Linguistic knowledge and Machine Learning Techniques Tarek El-Shishtawy and Abdulwahab Al-Sammak
Arabic Language Resources and Tools for Speech and Natural Language: KACST and Balamand Mansour Alghamdi, Chafic Mokbel and Mohamed Mrayati
Arabic Language Resources in HIAST Oumayma Al Dakkak, Nada Ghneim, Afaf Alshalaby, Riad Sonbol and Mhd. Said Desouki
Arabic Part-Of-Speech Tagging using the Sentence Structure Yahya Ould Mohamed El Hadj, Imad Abdulrahman Al-Sughayeir and Abdullah Mahdi Al-Ansari
Arabic Part-Of-Speech Tagging using Transformation-Based Learning Shabib AlGahtani, William Black and John McNaught
Arabic Query Expansion Using Interactive Word Sense Disambiguation Riyad Al-Shalabi, Ghassan Kanaan, Mustafa Yaseen, Bashar Al-Sarayreh and Nada A. Al-Naji
Arabic Word and Text Tecognition - Current Developments Volker Märgner and Haikal El Abed
Arabic, English and French: Three Languages in a Filtering Systems Evaluation Project Romaric Besançon, Djamel Mostefa, Ismaïl Timimi, Stéphane Chaudiron, Mariama Laïb and Khalid Choukri
Artificial Tutor For Arabic Handwriting Training Sherif Abdou, Aly Fahmy, Ibrahim Hosney and Iman Mostafa
Assessing word-form based search for information in Arabic: towards a new type of lexical resource Mouna Anizi and Joseph Dichy


Bootstrapping Tagged Islamic Corpora Mahmoud Shokrollahi-Far, Behrooz Minaei, Issa Barzegar, Hadi Hossein-Zade, Mojde Ghasdi and Seyed-salman Hoseini


Classification of Arabic Information Extraction Methods Abd El Salam Alhajjar, Mohammad Hajjar and Khaldoun Zreik
Collaborative Arabic Morphological Service Natheer Khasawneh, Eyad Taqieddin and Ahmad Al-Hammouri
Collaborative Construction of Arabic Lexical Resources Mohammad Daoud, Daoud Daoud and Christian Boitet
Creating a Methodology for Large-Scale Correction of Treebank Annotation: the Case of the Arabic Treebank Mohamed Maamouri, Ann Bies and Seth Kulick


Designing an XML Lexicon Architecture for Arabic Machine Translation Based on Role and Reference Grammar Yasser Salem and Brian Nolan
Diacritization and Transliteration of Proper Nouns from Arabic to English Hamdy S. Mubarak, Mohamed Al Sharqawy and Esraa Al Masry


Enhancing the ElixirFM Lexicon with Verbal Valency Frames Viktor Bielicky and Otakar Smrz
Evaluation Approaches for an Arabic Extractive Generic Text Summarization System Ibrahim Sobh, Nevin Darwish and Magda Fayek


Implementation of Infixes and Circumfixes in the Spellcheckers Taha Zerrouki and Amat Balla
In the Heart of Semantic Technology Paolo Lombardi


Lexicon-Driven Approach to the Recognition of Arabic Named Entities Jack Halpern
Linguistic Constraints as a Sub-component of a Framework that has Multilinguistic Applications Salwa Hamada and Adil Al Kufaishi
Linguistic Resources for Arabic Handwriting Recognition Stephanie Strassel


MADA+TOKAN: A Toolkit for Arabic Tokenization, Diacritization, Morphological Disambiguation, POS Tagging, Stemming and Lemmatization Nizar Habash, Owen Rambow and Ryan Roth
MEDAR: Arabic Language Technology, State-of-the-art and a Cooperation Roadmap Bente Maegaard, Mohamed Attia, Khalid Choukri, Steven Krauwer, Chafic Mokbel and Mustafa Yaseen
MEDAR: Mediterranean Arabic Language and Speech Technology Inventory of the HLT Products, Players, Projects, and Language Resources Khalid Choukri
Minimal Resources for Arabic Parsing: an Interactive Method for the Construction of Evolutive Automata Claude Audebert, Christian Gaubert and André Jaccarini


Person Named Entity Generation and Recognition for Arabic Language Ibrahim Alkharashi
Processing Large Arabic Text Corpora: Preliminary Analysis and Results Fahad Alotaiby, Ibrahim Alkharashi and Salah Foda


REMOOV: A Tool for Online Handling of Out-of-Vocabulary Words in Machine Translation Nizar Habash


Sarrif! - The Elegant Arabic Morphology Parser Suhel Jaber and Rodolfo Delmonte
Second Generation Tools (AMIRA 2.0): Fast and Robust Tokenization, POS tagging, and Base Phrase Chunking Mona Diab
Stem-based Arabic Language Models Experiments Mohsen Moftah, Waleed Fakhr, Sherif Abdou and Mohsen Rashwan
Syntactic Annotation in the Columbia Arabic Treebank Nizar Habash, Reem Faraj and Ryan Roth


Towards a Classification System for Arabic Texts Rami Ayadi, Mohsen Maraoui and Mounir Zrigui
Towards an Automatic Conversion Approach of Editorial Arabic Dictionaries into LMF-ISO 24613 Standardized Model Aida Khemakhem, Imen Elleuch, Bilel Gargouri and Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou
Transliteration using phrase based SMT approach on substrings Sara Noeman


Using EM for Text Classification on Arabic Documents Ghassan Kanaan, Mustafa Yaseen, Riyad Al-Shalabi, Bashar Al-Sarayreh and Ashraf Bany Mustafa


Word Stress and Vowel Neutralization in Modern Standard Arabic Jack Halpern

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