Summary of the paper

Title Implementation of Infixes and Circumfixes in the Spellcheckers
Authors Taha Zerrouki and Amat Balla
Abstract Most of spell checkers and morphological analyzers of natural languages are based on the affixes (suffixes and prefixes) extraction. But there are some other languages which use another kind of word changes like infixes and circumfixes. An infix is an affix that is inserted within a root. or stem. A circumfix is an affix, a morpheme that is placed around another morpheme. Circumfixes contrast with prefixes, attached to the beginning of the words; suffixes, that are attached at the end; and infixes, inserted in the middle. This features are not implemented now in spellcheckers, and can give more puissance and facility to model more languages rules and affixations. This paper concerns Arabic language which uses internal word changes and has more affixes dependency, and diacritics (HARAKAT) which are ignored usually. These characteristics exist in other languages. In this paper, we illustrate a try to add infixes, circumfixes support, ignoring diacritics to open source spell checkers Aspell and Hunspell. And what's the advantages of this new features in the languages morphology.
Topics Definition and requirements for a Basic LAnguage Resource Kit (BLARK) for Arabic,
Extraction and acquisition of knowledge (e.g. terms, lexical information, language modelling) from LRs
Full paper Implementation of Infixes and Circumfixes in the Spellcheckers
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