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Supported by the French Research Agency ANR, PORT-MEDIA is a natural follow-up of the Technolangue EVALDA/MEDIA understanding system evaluation campaign. The objectives are to provide the MEDIA corpus with three additional aspects of great importance in the spoken dialog systems:

  • Robustness : Integration of the automatic speech recognition component in the understanding process.


  • Portability across domains and language : Evaluation of the genericity and adaptability level of the approaches implemented in the understanding systems. This is done by confronting the models with new data produced for a different information-query dialogue-system task and also by exploiting un-annotated data.


  • Rich structures for high-level semantic knowledge representation : A solid settlement for the basic semantic units has been proposed and tested during the first project, we intend to enrich the MEDIA data semantic representation with a new standardized high-level semantic representation suitable to account for the semantic composition inside and between consecutive user’s interactions.


ELDA is responsible of the data collection and the dissemination of the project, and is involved in the management/coordination of the project.

Contact: Khalid Choukri [javascript protected email address]

Djamel Mostefa, Project Manager