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Tools and Resources for CEF Automated Translation

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Deepening and extending the Language Resource Coordination and Collection effort, including related Legal and Technical Work


The overall objective of the actions within ELRC+ L2 is to manage, maintain and coordinate the relevant Language Resources in all official languages of the EU and CEF-associated countries, in order to improve the quality, coverage and performance of automated translation systems and solutions in the context of current and future CEF digital services. It will also raise awareness and promote the acquisition and continued identification and collection of Language Resources.

The specific objectives include:

  • setting up and operating a Language Resource repository to host Language Resources needed to train, adapt and support the MT systems of CEF automated translation platform,
  • setting up and operating an intellectual property rights (IPR) support and clearance helpdesk for language resources, integrated with the language resource repository management,
  • complementing and continuing the language resource coordination activities undertaken by European language resource coordination (ELRC).


Nine tasks have been specified for ELRC+ L2.

ELDA leads three of the tasks including the setup of the Technical Helpdesk (T3), the setup of the Legal Helpdesk (T4), the clearance of Language Resources (T5).

ELDA is involved in all tasks including the organization of the South Western Region workshops (T8).

Project Facts

  • Start date: December 2016
  • End date: February 2020
  • Duration : 38 months
  • Funded by: SMART 2015/1091

Project Partners