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Election of the ELRA Individual Board Member

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As of January 1st 2019 one position in the ELRA Board is taken by a representative from the individual members (this Board member can come from anywhere in the world), and that this member is elected by the individual members only.

  • The maximum number of Board members remains the same (which is nine).
  • This Board member has the same rights as the other ELRA Board members on all issues related to Board matters. However, he or she cannot become a Board Officer.
  • The term in the Board is two calendar years. The same person cannot be elected for consecutive terms. Neither can his successor reside in the same continent. We distinguish the following continents: Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia-Oceania.
  • The background of a candidate is decided by his/her current country of residence.
  • The election takes place between LREC and the GA, and is organized by the ELRA Board. All individual members can vote by mail. 
  • Eligible votes are those for whom ELRA has the address as individual members.
  • At ELRA’s General Assembly individual members have no voting rights, only their representing Board member.


He or she has:

  • Experience in working with LRs
  • Motivation for sharing LRs
  • Willingness to support ELRA activities
  • Broad network in the area of LR research



  • Be a link between ELRA and its individual members
  • Inventorise wishes of individual members and bring them to the Board
  • Mobilise individual members to actively participate in the special services for members
  • Act to the benefit of the community of individual ELRA members


For the current election, the nominated candidate cannot reside in Africa.


The time schedule for the elections is:

  • Nominations: up to Feburary 1st, 2021
  • Presentation of candidates: March 2021
  • Votes cast:  March 1st to 12th, 2021
  • Results to be announced by the end of March 2021.
  • If there is a tie in the election there will be a new voting round for the tied candidates in April 2021.


Election procedure:

  • Nomination rules: see ELRA statutes - nominations by 3 members from 3 different countries. The nomination should contain a CV and manifesto of the candidate
  • The Board organises the elections;  it will advertise the candidates’ manifestos and CVs on the ELRA pages together with the voting system
  • Votes will be cast via a digital voting system; mails to participate in the voting will be sent out to all individual members
  • The ranking of the candidates as the result of the votes will be published; the number of votes per candidates can be requested for the sake of transparency.