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Strengthened by its experience and knowledge in Language Resources, ELDA offers production services available to everyone interested in Human Language Technologies.

You may contact us to produce new Language Resources to help you build, improve or evaluate natural language and speech algorithms or systems. Those Language Resources may be also used as core resources for the software localisation and language services industries, language studies, electronic publishing, international transactions, subject-area specialists and end users.

ELDA benefits from a large network of partners all over the world and can provide Language Resources in various languages. ELDA has already compiled Language Resources in more than 25 languages. Besides, we offer the highest quality of resources through a strict validation procedure (see also our pages dedicated to validation).

-  Services :

ELDA is involved in every stage of the production of Language Resources :

  • Speech/Video Data Collection
    • Management of the data collection team and recruitment of speakers all over the world
    • Collections of recordings in different scenarios : in cars, public places, offices, etc.
    • Transcriptions and annotations of audio and video data
    • Validation
  • Written Data Collection (corpora and lexica) :
    • Preparation of raw data
    • Annotations
    • Validation
  • Data creation for specific technologies and/or evaluation campaigns (see also HLT Evaluation portal) :
    • Machine translation
    • Speech language translation
    • Automatic summarization
    • Question Answering
    • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
    • Spoken Language Translation (SLT)
    • Text To Speech synthesis (TTS)

-  Customers & Partners :

Our services target all types of organizations or consortia willing to commission the production of Language Resources :

For more information, please contact us.

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