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The language resources available in ELRA’s catalogue are distributed into 4 categories : "Speech and Related Resources", "Written Resources", "Terminological Resources", and "Multimodal/multimedia resources".

1/Spoken LRs

A - Telephone or Desktop/Microphone recordings

The databases catalogued in this section have been produced with speakers’ recordings made over the telephone (fixed or mobile) network, or through a microphone.

You will find speech resources recorded in various environments, and covering a large number of European and non-European languages, e.g. the databases produced in the framework of the SpeechDat project, the BABEL databases, produced in the framework of the Copernicus programme, consisting of spoken corpora recorded in a controlled office environment, etc.

B - Speech Related Resources

You will find in this section e.g. pronunciation and phonetic lexicons, the BDLEX, PHONOLEX, and MHATLEX databases, etc.

2/Written LRs

A - Corpora

This section contains monolingual and multilingual corpora, parallel or not, which may also be annotated. A few examples of the kind of resources you will find in this sectiion are e.g. the corpora developed in the framework of the MULTEXT project, the Multilingual and Parallel Corpora (MLCC), French scientific corpora, newspaper corpora in Arabic, etc.

B - Monolingual lexicons

The section dedicated to monolingual lexicons contains various types of dictionaries, e.g. a dictionary of French verbs, the Japanese word dictionary, some PAROLE lexicons in many languages, etc.

C - Multilingual lexicons

Here you can find either bilingual or multilingual dictionaries and lexicons, including e.g. the EuroWordNet database, etc.

3/Terminological LRs

Monolingual, bilingual and multilingual terminological databases are available. They cover a large number of specialised domains, e.g. automobile engineering, insurance, linguistics, finance, etc., in a wide variety of languages.

4/Multimodal/Multimedia LRs

The resources you will find in this section have been produced using different modalities, including the speech. An example of such resources is the database produced in the framework of the M2VTS project.

Pricing Policy

ELRA members as well as non-members can purchase LRs, which can be purchased either for research or commercial use. That’s why 4 different prices are indicated, in Euro. ELRA members benefit from a special price.

A table where you will find the different abbreviations used in LRs descriptions is available in Presentation and Conditions.

How to use the catalogue search engine ?

You will find below a few hints to find your resource(s).
Keywords which may be used to find the resource(s) you are looking for are :

1/The general type of the resource(s)

-  spoken
-  written
-  terminological

2/The specific/technical type of the resource(s)

-  fixed telephone
-  mobile telephone
-  read
-  spontaneous
-  lexicon
-  corpus
-  phonetic lexicon

3/The language(s)

-  English
-  French
-  Japanese
-  Portuguese
-  Korean
-  Danish
-  Catalan
-  Turkish
-  Arabic

4/The project

-  SpeechDat
-  LRsP&P
-  VerbMobil

5/The domain(s)

-  energy
-  sport
-  insurance
-  automobile
-  hydrogeology

These are just but a few examples of possible keywords, which illustrate the search method. The list above is not exhaustive.

You should select any of the 3 options from the drop-down list available on the right-hand side : "all words-and", "any words-or", "exact match".

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