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ELDA - Evaluations and Language resources Distribution Agency

ELDA was created parallel to ELRA, European Language Resources Association, in February 1995.

ELDA is ELRA’s operational body, and is in charge of the development and the execution of ELRA’s missions and tasks as defined by the Board of the association.

ELDA is incorporated as a company in order to handle all the commercial and business-oriented tasks of the association.

The managing director of the agency, also acting as ELRA Secretary General, currently works with 12 full-time and permanent members. Some temporary staff may join from time to time to help on some specific projects.

ELDA’s core business consists of the following three main activities :

-  Distributing language resources (including every legal aspects)

Our catalogue of language resources currently gathers around 1,089 spoken and written language resources. It can be accessed from the ELRA web site and from the ELDA web site. The identification and the collection of existing language resources is part of our regular activity. The new resources we have collected, once the catalogue has been updated, are announced on some mailing lists, as well as in the ELRA members’ news and in the quarterly ELRA newsletter.

-  Producing language resources or commissioning the production of language resources

In the framework of European and international projects we have participated in, we have produced (or commissioned the production of) written and spoken language resources, either for research and development purposes, or which have then simply been made available to the HLT community.

Such projects include Speecon,OrienTel, Network-DC, etc. Further information can be found in the dedicated section.

-  Evaluating Human Language Technologies

ELDA participated in the past in some evaluation campaigns by supplying the language resources appropriate for testing and evaluating language technologies. Further to this activity, we have started to get fully involved in the evaluation campaigns such as CLEF. You will find in the dedicated section more information about this project, and other evaluation campaigns we participated in.

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