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Since October 2001 ELDA is the French National Focal Point (NFP) for the Euromap Language Technologies (LT) project which aims to provide awareness, bridge-building and market-enabling services to boost opportunities for market take-up of the results of national and European HLT RTD projects. The key focus is on accelerating the rate of technology transfer from the research base to the market by creating communities of interest from established and emerging players in the development and value chain.

The project is currently implemented by a team of 8 National Focal Points (NFPs) in Austria, Belgium/Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain. In July 2001 three new partners joined the project: France, UK and Bulgaria.

Each NFP will draw on the skills and knowledge gained in previous HLT awareness-raising actions to achieve the following objectives:

  • increase the number of projects that deliver ready-for-market results;
  • accelerate awareness of the benefits of HLT enabled systems, services and applications within user sectors, policy makers and national administrations;
  • boost the number of best-of-class technology developers participating in research projects;
  • improve the relevance of project targets and technology supplier/user needs;
  • improve the match between HLT design and supplier/end user expectations;
  • facilitate user partnerships and communities for beta testing, demonstration, real-time utilisation monitoring and other close-to-market application activities.

Euromap LT will initially focus on the national level, and then extend to cross-border activities, including accession countries. The project will publish all its results and project-related information on this web site.

Start and duration of the project

February 2000, 37 months

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