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The EASY project is dedicated to the evaluation of syntactic analysers for the French language. The project is financed by the French Ministry of Research in the context of the Technolangue programme.

The aim of the EASy campaign is to design and test an evaluation methodology to compare syntactic analysers on French and to produce a large validated linguistic resource obtained combining automaticaly the annotated corpora produced. The corpora consists of texts taken from various domains (litterature, medicine, technique, general, ...) and of different types : newspapers, questions, websites, oral transcriptions, ...

The project will last 24 months. The evaluation campaign is currently running and will last until 15th December 2004.


-  EASY webpage at LIMSI
-  EASY restricted area


-  Khalid Choukri
-  Olivier Hamon
-  Patrick Paroubek (LIMSI)
-  Anne Vilnat (LIMSI)
-  Isabelle Robba (LIMSI)



Corpora providers
-  LLF


-  FT R&D
-  LIC2M
-  LPL

For more information (in French), please visit Technolangue.Net.